Germen crew creates a giant piece in Pachuca, Mexico

In an unprecedented effort, Germen Crew and the government of Mexico joined forces to rehabilitate and beautify the district of Palmitas in Pachuca in Mexico. This project englobes 20 thousand square meters of painted surfaces over 209 houses which will […]

15 Creative Things People Did With Keyboard Keycaps

Have you ever been in the situation when suddenly one of your keyboard keys stop working whilst you are typing? Sometimes it takes a little force to get that key working but most times it refuses to budge no matter […]

Realistic Super Nintendo And Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Yes, these SNES and Gameboy cartridges really are soaps, now there’s an excuse to wash again Firebox has these life-size Super Nintendo and Game Boy cartridge soaps available for pre-order. The Gameboy range includes individual soaps for Earthworm Jim, Kirby’s […]

Super quick potato peeling

Must master super quick potato peeling tips. Potatoes are a lot of people like ingredients, but how fast to peel it was a big problem . The following people came up with a simple method to peeled, without using peeler, […]