Sexy Evangelion Lingerie Coming to You!

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What would official Evangelion lingerie look like?

Anime fashion brand Super Groupies has just begun taking preorders for three bra and panty sets inspired by the three female Evangelion pilots. Up first is Rei, whose intimate apparel features the slogan, “Sleeker. Cuter. Lingerie that excites the heart.”

EL 9

Of course Ayanami blue is used as an accent, along with the red and orange of Rei’s Evangelion Unit-00.

EL 2

Look closer, and you’ll see that the lace patterning is in the shape of the Spear of Longinus, which Rei hurls into orbit while at the controls of her giant war machine.

EL 3

Asuka’s set, meanwhile, is introduced with the slogan, “Girls want to fight, too. The lingerie of desire and passion.”

EL 10

Once again, subtle touches of color reference Asuka’s Evangelion, in this case Unit-02’s eyes and body trim.

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Finally, Mari, the newest addition to the sisterhood of Eva pilots, is the basis for this “Cute, adult lingerie” that will help to “Make every day special.”

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▼ The collected underwear of Rei, Asuka, and Mari, piled on the floor. Is this what Shinji’s dreams look like?

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The three sets are identically priced at 8,800 yen (US$70) and can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (Rei here, Asuka here, and Mari here). Delivery is scheduled for mid-December.


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